Life Changing Learning

I knew a Managing Director once who had been really successful as a sales person, in fact, they'd been the best sales person in their region.  They were so successful at such a young age that this person, let's call her Paula, decided to set up her own business and do things differently.

After a few years of doing pretty well, it became obvious that Paula didn't have what it took to be a great leader.  She sometimes lost the plot with her team and quite often found herself sitting at home alone feeling isolated because she had no one to bounce ideas off or ask advice from.

Indeed, she'd got to the point where she realised her heart wasn't in the business at all.

This feeling of indifference towards her business was something she desperately tried to push away and forget, however hard she tried, the feeling simply wouldn't go away. 

A friend and trusted business associate suggested Paula attend an NLP course.  Never having had heard of NLP or the slightest idea what the letters N-L-P stood for, Paula was a little sceptical to say the least.  Further research just added to this scepticism.  Websites described NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as 'life-changing' with testomonies from people who said they'd found new confidence, new joy, new pleasure and a whole load of new communication, sales and leadership skills whilst on an NLP course.

Paula was doubtful that anything so fantastic actually existed, never mind anything that proported to bring about such dramatic changes in 7 days.

Short of any other concerete ideas, Paula signed up to a 7-day NLP Practitioner Course, feeling slightly excited, nervous, curious and sceptical.

It was on day two of the 7-Day Licensed NLP Practitioner Course, that our dissatisfied executive realised she could take control of her brain for a change.  She'd learnt how to put the past behind her in a way that she no longer felt afraid, guilty, sad or angry and so that she saw an extremely positive and future for herself.  Indeed, she had a renewed confidence, fresh vigour and a much happier outlook than she'd had for years.

Even within a week of finishing the 7-Day NLP Practitioner Course Paula was happier, more confident, a much better boss, a much more patient parent and no longer woke up in the middle of the night with panic attacks.  I'm happy to report that this is still the case - 8 years later.

Paula began to use her newly found NLP skills with her team, her friends and anyone who was happy to work with her.  She was astounded each time at how positively different people felt after being shown a few simple techniques and being asked questions in a very different way.  She sought out further training and went to London to do her NLP Licensed Master Practitioner with Paul McKenna, Dr Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP) and John LaValle.

It was during this NLP Master Practitioner training that Paula realised she didn't want to be a Managing Director anymore.  She realised that her passion in life lay elsewhere and made a decision to follow her passion.

She discovered that her passion was to get discontented business people to a better place and realised through her own eyes that this could be done through executive coaching, corporate training and learning how to teach people NLP.

Here's the big surprise that Managing Director was me and eight years after taking 7-Days out of my busy life to learn to be a Licensed Practitioner of NLP I'm now a successful business coach, corporate trainer and Licensed Trainer of NLP and I get busy, discontented business people to a better place every single day of my working week.

And because I can't coach or train everyone who is discontented, I've written a book called "How to Outshine The Rest" so, no matter your time or budget, you can learn some of this stuff for yourself in the comfort of your own home or commute to work.

You may not want to or be ready to learn NLP with me yet and for those people, here's a list of shorter courses to get you started on the road to contentment with your lot:

  • High Performance Sales and Persuasion - 2 days or bespoke for your business
  • Red Hot Manager - 2 days or bespoke for your business
  • Presenting Excellence - 1 day or bespoke for your business
  • One to one coaching - 90 minutes 
  • One Day Breakthrough Session - one to one intensive learning to set you up for the ultimate success
  • Bespoke Training for Organisations in communication, team development, leadership and more.... 

It doesn't matter where you start from; I know there is potential to be fulfilled in everyone.  Watch this fantastic video clip and you'll understand what I mean:

"The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential"

John C. Maxwell

How can learning NLP benefit me in my life and work

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Can't come on a course yet or not quite ready for coaching? That's ok, you can download an audio or buy a book to get you started on the path to personal freedom.