When I work with organisations, I like to first find out what they need and then design and deliver a workshop or series of workshops to meet those needs.

It sounds simple and it is.

I have access to many tools, techniques, learning and expertise all of which I am delighted to pass onto you and your people so that they become even more effective in the the workplace.

You'll find some examples of the types of workshops I deliver on my website.  If you don't see the precise workshop you're seeking, then please contact me and tell me what your organisation needs and I'll tell you whether I  have the right knowledge and experience to deliver it.  

Simple, yet effective.

My workshops combine learning by 'doing' and learning through listening.  I use a coaching style to train, coupled with metaphors, real life examples and a flip chart and some coloured pens.  Simple, yet effective.

To start your own life-changing journey, contact Rebecca now by clicking here.

Can't come on a course yet or not quite ready for coaching? That's ok, you can download an audio or buy a book to get you started on the path to personal freedom.