Take Massive Action

Having just finished delivering a 7 Day Lincensed NLP Practitioner course, during which myself and my co-trainer, Colette guided twelve good people on a journey of discovery, learning and incredible changes, it always amazes me how capable people are of taking massive action.

Those participants wanted to learn something new about themselves, about human communication, about leadership, selling, relationships etc and took the steps to book themselves onto my course.

How many people do you know, including yourself that sit or stand around talking, grumbling and generally having a good moan about how they'd love things to change and then do nothing about it.

This is called an inefficient strategy: a bit like waiting in line at WH Smiths with a diet book in one hand and a large packet of pick and mix in the other (someone told me they actually did this).  It's just never going to work.

Some people love to talk a good game and will convince you, just as they have convinced themselves that they really will get fit or really will start a business or really will take up sky diving.  They may talk about it for a long time and quite often do nothing about it, which makes listening to the hyperbole a bit dull after a while.

In our household, if someone talks about doing something over a reasonable period of time and they've thought it through, then I expect them to go ahead and do it.  If they don't do it and keep talking about it, then I get bored listening and then get cross.  Don't waste my brain time with your nonsense!  If you're going to do something, and you have thought it through, then please, just go ahead and do it.

This may sound harsh, but only fortune favours the brave and the brave never spent their whole life sitting about chatting about what they were going to do, they actually got up and did it.  Sometimes being brave doesn't always work out as planned and sometimes it works out a whole lot better.  The thing is,  you'll never know until you give it a go.

So, go ahead, take some massive action today and find out what possibilities are open to you right now.

Rebecca is an expert in human communication and behaviour, she coaches people in business and privately to achieve their full potential.  She also trains teams and leaders to improve performance and results.

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