Dare to go Further

As Del Boy often told his hapless younger brother, Rodney, "he who dares wins Rodders, he who dares wins" and like many things said in jest, he was absolutely spot on.

We've all been terrified of calling a new client, presenting your proposal to your boss, delivering a speech, handing in an essay or abseiling down the Empire State Building (not as common as the first few).  And yet, once the moment of fear has passed and the elation of completing your task takes hold, the nerves melt away and you feel amazing.

We need that little kick of fear or nerves to get the adrenaline going and drive us towards taking action. Once that subsides, we find ourselves getting used to the new terraine and actually enjoying the ride. That's not to say that scary moments may arise again and test our mettle, but having done it before, we can do it again.

What happens when you take that leap of faith?

A whole new world of possibilities and opportunities arise, which are usually totally unexpected.   You meet new and interesting people, experience new ways of thinking and working and you fulfil your own potential in ways you never thought were possible.  

Taking the chance, seizing the moment, throwing caution to the wind, jumping into the unknown - however you want to describe your next adventure, you must remember that it is an adventure.  Life is a great big adventure and it's often taking the path less well trodden that leads you to riches.

I don't mean monetary wealth necessarily, although you often find the adventurers are financially secure after a few bumps in the road.  I mean true wealth in the form of a rich and enriched life.  Feel like you're really living, feel the energy and excitement of the unknown and trust that there is a safety net at the bottom of the cliff as you take that step off the edge......

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