How much is poor communication costing your organisation?

Last week, Andrew McDonald published a report in conjunction with Marie Curie Cancer Care detailing the cost of poor communication within the NHS.  There is a mounting body of evidence to show that poor communication leads to worse health for patients and costs the NHS millions and millions of pounds in wasted appointments, prescriptions and ultimately: litigation.

Within your own organisation you will be aware of talented people who have left because they've been at the sharp end of poor communication.  You will also be aware of customers who will never buy from your organisation again because they were not communicated with properly and you'll know all about those lost opportunities to sell because someone somewhere didn't communicate properly with the potential client.

The good news is that great communication skills can be taught and taught very easily by people like me who spend their entire working day training people like you in how to get your message across effectively and efficiently.

Here's some quick examples to polish your communication;

1. Listen to understand.  Whilst you're listening to understand, you need to clear your head.  You're really not listening if you're thinking about what you want to say next and what you might be having for tonight's tea

2. Ask great questions.  Effective communication is about gathering information and the higher the quality of the information you gather, the better chance you have of understanding what the person wants or is actually saying

3. Stop mind reading.  Keep asking those questions until you fully understand, NEVER assume.

4. Re-confirm what you think the person said and check they actually said what you thought they said

5. Keep listening.

There are many other tools and techniques you can learn to become a master communicator and there are many people like me who can teach you these things.

You can communicate with me in three different ways in order to find out how I can improve the communication in your organisation:, and 07734 934084 and then we can meet and communicate properly, face to face.