What People Say About Me

It's really important when you're thinking about working with me, that you have someone else's perspective on my work.  Here is a great big, long list of quotes from people I've worked with who have been kind enough to allow me to use on my website:

High-quality content and delivery - one of a kind training.

Rebecca shows you that you already have all you need in order to achieve what you want in life and business – and helps you to make it an enjoyable experience!

Tatyana Duffie, RBS

Also wanted to say what a fantastic book you’ve written!!!  I have read it twice now – the first time quite quickly as I just wanted to see what was in it and the second time I took more time to do some of the exercises.  The first exercise with the successful outcomes questions is excellent and came at a great time for me as I have felt I am at a crossroads with my business and it really made me sit down and think about what I want from it now.  This exercise has helped me see a clear vision now of what I want at the same time as making sure it is good for other people around me – thank you!  So I am now making my way through the rest of the book for the third time now and there are certain chapters that I can see myself referring to regularly.

Hurray up with the second book

Angela Stewart, Owner Remeo Life

I just wanted to let you know that I bought your book recently. I haven't yet read it cover to cover however its very good, very informal and you come through in it all the time - I can just hear your voice in the words. It's got some really good stuff in it and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. You're very inspiring as your company name suggests.

Suzanne Ramsay, CEO Zed Recruitment

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for last week.  What an incredible day. I learnt so much and have already started putting the things I learnt into practice.  I feel reenergised, refocused and ready to set the World of recruitment on fire.  I’ll definitely be back for more.”

Garry Howling, Manager of Mae Lynch Recruitment – after a day of one to one breakthrough session

“There was a lot of honesty which Rebecca brought out of all of us.  A valuable experience.”

Rob Ellerby, Head of L&D for Taxation in a Big Four Accountancy Firm after a one day team development day

“Delightful coach and facilitator with enough confidence to really move a team on.”

Head of Learning and Development for a Big Four Accountancy Firm  

“Rebecca provided a genuinely helpful and insightful tips and hints that I haven’t heard in other sessions and I’m looking forward to putting them into practice.”

Arwen Berry, Pinsent Masons, after a one day workshop on Ensuring Difficult Conversations Go Well

“Opens your eyes to simplicity and effectiveness.”

Senior Associate, Global Law Firm 

“I was fortunate enough to sit next to Rebecca on a flight recently. I suffer from claustrophobia and after several sessions of CBT had still not conquered my fear. I was not in a good way when I boarded the flight and was explaining my fear to the stewardess when Rebecca turned round, explained who she was and offered to sit next to me on the flight and get me through it. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Rebecca for helping me through that flight, she was the embodiment of the good Samaritan for me. My flight home was absolutely fine and any time I felt uneasy I thought back to the techniques Rebecca took me through on my outbound flight and the feelings passed. I cannot recommend her enough. I’m now looking forward to going abroad on holiday which will be the first time in nearly 5 years. Thank you for all your help.”

Hannah, July 2012, a lady I happened to sit next to on a flight

“Sensitive to how we wanted to work as a team, succeeded in getting a lot out of us in a very short period of time!”

Aydin Kurt-Eli, COO Lumison  

“Energising and engaging. Very knowledgeable.”

Team Development Workshop for a large IT company