Bringing Heart to Your Business

What do you notice when you see business gurus?  Whether you're watching the 'Dragon's Den' or a speaker at a conference, you'll hear passion, emotion, powerful beliefs and a determination to succeed, all of which comes straight from the heart.

We are human beings first and business leaders second.  Which is why we respond well to those who truly believe in what they're doing and tend to shy away from those who come across as slightly less committed. 

So, how to you promote doing business with heart within your organisation?

It's not easy and it's very easy at the same time which sounds like a way of wriggling out of the question, but isn't.

What I mean by that is this:  it's very easy to gain the commitment and passion of your people and at the same time, it's just as easy to lose it.  The vast majority of people will start a new role full of enthusiasm and passion and will give plenty of heart to their daily tasks.  Slowly, but surely this will be eroded by a series of poorly judged communications from their leaders and managers within the business and as each poorly judged communication works its way into the mind of the employee, the business loses the full passion and commitment of that individual.

This is why great leaders and managers are first and foremost great communicators.  They will galvanise their teams to achieve what would seem like the impossible.  They will interpret the communications from up high so the team still feels engaged and motivated to achieve.  They will find ways to make things happen so the team feel involved and supported and not just 'told what to do'.

It's the ability to find the words, find the tone of voice and the moment to speak that separate the medicore leaders and managers from the ones that people will go to the ends of the earth for (without being asked).

Get your communication wrong and you lose the heart.

Get it right and you gain the strongest army in business on the planet.

Learn how to communicate in a way that keeps your business with heart.  Join me and Colette Grant on to learn NLP.

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