Time to Take Notice

There's a small piece of kit in your brain called the recticular activation system which works hard to find what you're interested in noticing.

It works a bit like this:

When you're choosing a new car, new house or new outfit you start thinking about the make model, size, shape, location etc of that thing.  You'll start to pick up magazines or notice billboards or run Google searches to find out more about the thing you're interested in.

Then something really interesting happens.....you begin to notice more of that type of car on the road or suddenly become aware of more houses in a particular area or begin to see similar outfits to the one you're keen on.  There aren't any more of those cars, houses or outfits out there.  Those things were there all along, it's just you've now given your brain a clear instruction to go and look for those things.

This is where the magic really happens.

Once you start programming your brain to pick up on the things you're interested in, you begin to see and hear opportunities that you didn't see and hear before.  This is why it's so important to focus on the things you do want, to state things positively and to be very clear on what you're aiming for.

Your brain is a fantastic machine that can be programmed to notice more of the things you want and all you need to do is programme it effectively so it works well for you.

Here's an example:

In 2016 and beyond, I want to be able to run up the stairs and feel amazingly fit and alive when I get to the top.

It's a very simple desire and you'll notice how specific it is and how positive the language is.  Your brain will now find out ways to deliver this to you.  It helps to write these aims down and put a date to them and it helps to think about them every day and work out how you can take small steps each day to achieve your aim.

This is how great things are achieved.  Tiny steps, each day with a strong, powerful, positive intention.  Once you've set that intention and you do something about it every day, no matter how tiny, you'll notice that changes begin to happen.

You see most people try to do everything all at once and run before they can walk.  This isn't how great things are achieved.  It takes most business people twenty years to become an overnight success.  It takes athletes thousands of hours of training to become world class.  It takes Nobel Prize Winners decades of research to become winners.

So notice what you take notice of and give your brain the right instructions to take notice of the things you want to be important to you now and well into the future.

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