Where is home?

A friend of mine is about to move house.  She's had resistence from her partner, rebellions from her teenage daughter and slight concerns from her son.  People really don't like change do they?  Or not many people like change.  Some love change for changes sake, but this is often because they need to busy themselves because standing still would mean reflecting on what is going on inside them or their lives.

The rebellion my friend experienced from her teenage daughter came in the usual form of, "I'm never going to live there" and "you can't make me move".  As the solicitors and mortgage lenders shuffled their paperwork between each other, the rebellion became a mute acceptance of the inevitable.  The moving day got closer and closer and my friend asked her daughter where she'd like her stuff to go because if she really wasn't going to live in the new house, where would she want her stuff storing.

The tears came. 

Sometimes home is where it's safe and secure.  Sometimes it's where you've found happiness after a period of uncertainty and pain.  Sometimes, home is simply where is familiar and comforting.  And sometimes it's all those things wrapped up into a sense of belonging and love.

My wise friend explained to her tearful daughter that home is where the people who love you are.  It's where the people who love you create a feeling of safety and security when the rest of the world is causing you pain.  New places quickly become a place of comfort through the familiar routines of life and because you always come back there, no matter how far you travel, you feel you belong and you're always loved, no matter how long you've been away for.

I don't know how their conversation panned out after that.  I assume the tears dried, hugs were exchanged and a sense of new security was created.

The bricks and mortar don't make the home.  It's the people who make the home.

Rebecca Bonnington runs Licensed NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses which teach people how to run their own brains for a change and as a result instinctively know that home starts with themselves.

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