Your Heart vs. Your Head

The latest scientific research confirms what us coaches, trainers and perhaps arts orientated people have thought all along: the heart has the capacity to tell our brains what to do and over-rule those rational thoughts, leading to better decisions.

Scientists now know that we have a large cluster of brain cells in our hearts and they are of significant number to warrant being called "the little brain".  These neurons instruct the brain where necessary, thus contradicting centuries of scientific thinking.

The new reserach clearly demonstrates that a large emotional shock for a person with an already weakened heart would result in a heart attack because of these neurons and that those of us who are guided by our hearts are often correct in our assumption that we took a "heartfelt" decision.

Indeed, when you look and listen to our language, references to being "warm hearted", "big hearted", "broken hearted" and "hearts swelling with pride" might well be considered to be literal as well as metaphorical.

What does this mean for us in business?

For me, it means that we can no longer ignore the "heart" in business and simply go along with what seems rational or logical whilst ignoring those heart strings.  It doesn't matter how much data tells you something is right, if you feel in your heart that something is wrong, then I can bet that it is wrong and you need to look at the data again.  If the person you're interviewing has all the right credentials and comes across well at interview, but you get a feeling in your chest that things just aren't quite adding up: ask a few more questions, take another reference and probe more deeply.

In other words, start listening to that feeling you get (your stomach has neurons too) which usually appears in your chest or your stomach (or both) because it's giving you information you need to check up on.  This is no longer hippy nonsense for the fairy and parking angel brigade, this is solid science which finally proves what us arty types have known for a long time.

When I work with highly logical, process driven people who find themselves in the messy and inconsistent world of human beings i.e. leadership, I often teach them how to re-connect with their senses and learn to trust their gut or heart felt reactions once again. I also teach them how to connect easily with people who are more sensitive to these feelings and to build strong relationships with their direct reports and peers in order to be understood more readily by everyone.

Luckily, this stuff is easy to learn and just takes a bit of practice so if you're someone who could use a bit of intuitive thinking and improving your communication skills, get in touch on 07734 934084 or or visit