Rebecca creates a new global coaching, consulting and training business

Collaboration is at the heart of every great business and business leader.  We cannot develop ourselves, people who work with us or organisations without the support and collaboration of others.

With that in mind, I have joined forces with Nick Davies, owner and creator of The Really Great Training Company (, an internationally renowned trainer, award winner, author and trainer to members of the Royal Household, Nick also happens to be my big brother.  We needed the input of someone else though.  Someone, who is dynamic, prcoess driven and who can be the voice of reason in our business, so I approached David Milton ( who happens to be an expert in coaching and consulting high growth businesses.

We are currently busy working with our respective UK and international clients to support them in business development, sales, negotiation skills, networking, business structure, culture, exec coaching, training and a whole lot more.  Whilst we're working with those clients through our own business ventures, we are collaborating to create something new together and exciting which will be revealed later this year....

Suffice to say, if you're a coach, consultant or trainer, you'll want to know what we have to offer because we're about the share the secrets of our success with you.  We'll show you exactly how to develop your existing skill set, create new skills and learn how to position and market yourself as the high growth business coaching, consulting and training expert in your location.  Wherever that happens to be in the world.

For the time being, I am delivering another 7 Day Licensed NLP Practitioner Course in Edinburgh from 25th to 31st March 2019 and coaching those people and those busineses who want to fulfil their potential and realise their true purpose.

To start your own life-changing journey, contact Rebecca now by clicking here.

Can't come on a course yet or not quite ready for coaching? That's ok, you can download an audio or buy a book to get you started on the path to personal freedom.