Rebecca at Shirlaws

In April 2017, I decided to merge my coaching and training business into Shirlaws ( in order to bring greater value to my clients.

Developed over seven years after interviewing 700 SME's, Shirlaws have created models and frameworks which when embedded in a business create higher value, allow the owners to have more time, more money and less stress.

I now work with Shirlaws to create the kind of legacy business owners want.  Whether that's to grow a business to sell, pass it onto the next generation or simply feel proud of it.  Working one to one with business owners and their wider teams, I follow the following steps to success;

1. Carry out a Strategic Business Review - this gets under the skin of the business allowing me and the owners to truly understand where it is right now

2. Make recommendations for improvements

3. With the owners, decide which projects to begin with and then work very closely with the entire business to coach, train and consult the Shirlaws models, adapting as we go to ensure they work well with existing ways of working

4. Focus on the culture in everything I do.  When a business has a fantastic culture, it needs to be protected or if the culture is uncertain or needs changing, then I will focus on that to create a solid foundation for growth

My offering is clear;

I only work with business owners and leaders who are serious about investing for the long term growth.  They must be interested in creating value and quality in their busineses to pass onto the next owners and their clients as well as their suppliers.  I truly believe in loving what you do and treating people with kindness and respect so all of my work is delivered with this at its heart.

I do not work with owners who want to make a fast buck.

If you believe your business can benefit from the Shirlaws growth platform, then contact me directly or 07734 934084.

The CIRCLE Programme by Shirlaws.  A new way for smaller busineses to access the incredible growth IP of Shirlaws.

To start your own life-changing journey, contact Rebecca now by clicking here.

Can't come on a course yet or not quite ready for coaching? That's ok, you can download an audio or buy a book to get you started on the path to personal freedom.