Stop the overthinking NOW

Once you realise that you can't mind read, life becomes so much easier.

So many people I've worked with in business and privately spend a huge amount of their time making up scenarios and stories about the people they work with, clients, family and friends which lead them into a downward spiral of anxious thoughts.

Remembering that you cannot read anyone's mind and that you have no idea what's going on in a person's head, unless you ask them outright (and even then they might not want to tell you) is a sure way to increase your peace of mind and your productivity.

In the business world, this happens most often with email.  Someone receives an email and is confused, upset or angry because of its contents.  They then spend at least five minutes to a whole day mulling over "what it could mean".  They play out several scenarios in their minds, sometimes inviting colleagues to join in with the speculation and interestingly, the scenarios are never wholly positive.

As the story builds in the recipients mind, all kinds of new devilish things pop into their heads, from this person hates me and I'm going to be sacked to I hate this person for doing this to me and I'm going to leave anyway.

It really is a huge waste of time, effort and energy.

Texts are even worse because they contain less information and much more scope for making things up and making things seem a whole lot more negative.

Can I urge every single one of you reading this to simply ask the person in a neutral tone, what was meant by their email or text.  That way you don't have to waste time making anything up.  You also get to find out what they actually meant and hear their voice and tone which will give you much more information than a meagre email or text.

It's even better if you can walk across the office and speak to them face to face.

Let's stop this mind reading nonsense and start talking to each other.  It will save us so much time, heartache and time.

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