Significantly Successful

Those of us who have taken a few steps along the journey of life will know and understand that happiness comes from within.  It is not an external force we can grab and hold onto, it's something that we allow to grow inside of our minds and our hearts.

I suspect that success is similar.

My quote this week was from Oprah and in essence she says that being significant is more important than being successful as being significant will lead to success anyway.  This is akin to the notion that doing the thing you love doing will earn you money and pay the bills in a fulfilling way.  Whereas just doing a job for the money leads to deep dissatisfaction and stress.

So, what is signficance and what does that mean for you in your daily life.

Everyone will be different and to be significant in your area of expertise might take years of dedicated studying, travelling, writing, speaking, training etc or it might just take time and repetition.  It doesn't matter what form your signigicance takes so long as those people around you benefit from what you do as much as you benefit.

You can be significant in your own home being a solid, stable influence to your spouse and or your children.  You can be significant in your community through volunteering for the PTA or clearning up rubbish down by the canal.  You can be significant in someone's life simply by turning up and peeling a few vegetables for them because they can no longer perform this simple task.

Although I'm a huge advocate of big audacious goals, I'm equally a huge advocate of keeping it simple.  To be significant in your life, your business or your community doesn't take much.  You may only have a tiny business with few customers, but if you're a significant piece of those customer's lives or businesses then you are already a success.

Let's be kind to ourselves for a moment and count the people for whom we have significance and then realise how successful we already are.

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