So much has been written about great leadership, it's hard to know where to begin.

My approach to developing leaders is simple:

Listen, coach, train, practice, elicit feedback.

Whether you're a global bank or a start-up business, great leadership skills are essential to the growth of your people and your business.  We all know this.

In my experience, most leaders want to do a great job and most of the time they do.  We all need a bit of external support sometimes and this is where I come in.

My ethos is straight forward:  I coach and train leaders to be great listeners, people who think at least twelve steps ahead of their teams, people who care deeply about success, people and profit and people who are well-rounded with a sense of proportion and reality.

How I deliver this is entirely up to the organisation and the individual.  I coach some of my leaders every month, others I only see a few times in a year, I've worked with other leaders every month for a year to take them through a specifically designed leadership programme and I've worked with leaders in groups so they learn from each other.

Whatever your leadership requirement, find out what I can do for you and your organisation by contacting me directly.

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"Leadership and learning are indespensible to each other"

John F. Kennedy