Private Client Work

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, whether that be related to health, work, relationships or anxiety in general.  Rebecca has coached many people from the age of 9 upwards to get over phobias, get rid of anxieties, remove negative beliefs and thoughts and get people to a more balanced place in their lives.


These can be mild or severe.  When a phobia limits your life choices, that's when you need to deal with it.  As an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner I habe worked with many people to clear a variety of phobias, including: fear of flying, needles, snakes, spiders etc.

I met a lady flying from Gatwick to Edinburgh who was having a full blown panic attack as we got on the plane.  Within 20 minutes of me working with her, she was calm and relaxed.  By the end of the flight she was laughing and joking and told me she could now fly to the destination of her choice on honeymoon.

Anxiety, Stress and Worrying

I've worked with many highly capable and intelligent people who suffered greatly from over-thinking which induced sleeplessness, grave anxiety and occasionally led to depression.  Over several sessions and often involving full day break through sessions, I have been able to move these people to a place where they now sleep better, worry much less and are much more relaxed about life in general.

In particular I have worked with teenagers at exam time and young children who have had concerns about school to great effect.

Limiting and Negative Beliefs and Thought Patterns

You may have a fantastic family, amazing job, incredible partner and rude health and still feel under confident or simply not worthy.  Again, this is common amongst successful people and I've worked with CEO's, entrepreneurs, lawyers, Dr's and lots of other kinds of people to remove such negative thought patterns and beliefs.

These interventions are again best served with one to one coaching and break through sessions lasting a day.

The answers you're seeking are always within you.  The personal freedom you are seeking is available right now.