Team Development Workshops

In business, we all know that a well functioning team can achieve almost anything it sets it's mind to.

And yet.....

Building and creating a well functioning team is a skill that sometimes eludes us business people.  It takes time, courage, attention, love and exquisite communication skills to get a team to manage themselves.  Once they're there though, it's a joy to behold and productivity goes stratospheric.

Over many years, I've worked with executive teams, teams of lawyers, teams of risk and compliance people, IT people, accounting people, sales people from all sizes of business all over the UK.

Depending on your time and budget, I can deliver a whole series of half day workshops over a few months (if you've got the time and budget, this is the absolute best way to build your team).


I can deliver two day long workshops over a couple of months (this is pretty effective too)


I can deliver a one day workshop which will get you started in the right direction

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"I failed to make the chess team because of my height"

Woody Allen